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Dec 1 and 2 Afghanistan War Protests!

Protests on Dec 1st and 2nd, the day of and after the Obama announcement to escalate Afghanistan, are continuing to proliferate. 

See below for the protest near you.








http://demdan.org/actions/?id=3563 – White House, DC

http://ny4cg.org/actions/index.php?id=3568 – West Point, NY http://ny4cg.org/actions/?id=3590 – NYC

http://mapjen.org/actions/?id=3567 – Boston, MA
http://demdan.org/actions/?id=3570 – Baltimore, MD http://paactionnetwork.org/announcements/?id=708 – Philadelphia, PA
http://calaction.org/announcements/?id=704 – Berkeley, CA
http://calaction.org/announcements/?id=673 – San Francisco, CA
http://calaction.org/actions/?id=3575 – Los Angeles, CA http://icjpe.org/actions/index.php?id=3413 – Chicago, IL
http://wiscaction.org/actions/?id=3533 – Madison, WI http://wiscaction.org/announcements/?id=696 – Milwaukee, WI
http://michiganpeacenetwork.org/announcements/?id=701 – Detroit, MI                                                                                                                              http://michiganpeacenetwork.org/actions/?id=3443 – Saginaw, MI                                                                             

http://ncactionnet.org/actions/?id=3597 – Charlotte, NC
http://ncactionnet.org/actions/?id=3592 – Chapel Hill, NC
http://ncactionnet.org/announcements/?id=689 – Greensboro, NC

http://gpjn.org/actions/?id=3593 – Atlanta, GA
http://vpan.org/announcements/?id=703 – Richmond, VA
http://ohiopeacenetwork.org/actions/?id=3600 – Cleveland, OH
http://cnpjs.org/announcements/?id=710 – Denver, CO http://mpjen.org/actions/?id=3481 – Maine (Bangor & Portland)
http://cripjen.org/announcements/?id=692 – RI & CT (Hartford, New Haven, Prov)

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Coming soon..,

War is Over


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Cindy Sheehan heads to Martha’s Vineyard to Confront Obama on the War

John Conyers and Cindy-Sheehan

John Conyers and Cindy-Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan will join other like-minded peace activists to have a presence near the expensive resort on Martha’s Vineyard where President Obama will be vacationing the week of August 23-30.

From her home in California, Ms. Sheehan released this statement:
“There are several things that we wish to accomplish with this protest on Martha’s Vineyard.
First of all, no good social or economic change will come about with the continuation or escalation of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We simply can’t afford to continue this tragically expensive foreign policy.
Secondly, we as a movement need to continue calling for an immediate end to the occupations even when there is a Democrat in the Oval Office. There is still no Noble Cause no matter how we examine the policies.
Thirdly, the body bags aren’t taking a vacation and as the US led violence surges in Afghanistan and Pakistan, so are the needless deaths on every side.
And, finally, if the right-wing can force the government to drop any kind of public option or government supported health care, then we need to exert the same kind of pressure to force a speedy end to the occupations.”
Cindy Sheehan will arrive on the Vineyard on Tuesday, August 25th.
For more information, or to request an interview with Cindy Sheehan please contact:
Laurie Dobson
(207) 604-8988
Bruce Marshall
(802) 767-6079
To donate to help with logistical support, or to help Cindy and other Gold Star Families (families who have lost loved ones in war) get to Martha’s Vinyard please go to:
Or go to
www.Paypal.com and put in the email: Cindy@CindySheehansSoapbox.com
Mail a check to:
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, LLC
55 Chumasero Dr STE 5D
San Francisco, Ca 94132

Families who oppose the wars and have lost a loved one during the Obama Regime are especially encouraged to attend.
Please forward this far and wide!


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Peace Action | Register your Hiroshima and Nagasaki Events Now



From: Paul Kawika Martin | Organizing, Political and PAC Director | Peace Action & Peace Action Education Fund [Formerly SANE/Freeze]


Peace Action has been asked by Alliance for Nuclear Accountability to create a website to keep track of upcoming Hiroshima and Nagasaki events for the wider anti-proliferation and progressive communities.

Please go to:

To register your events directly you may go here.

By registering your events before registration “goes public,” you’ll have the opportunity to advertise to others in your community first. Registration will also benefit you by allowing members of your community who aren’t in your organization to connect with you and attend your event. You will also be able to send out e-invites and search for other events across the country with our new tools. Lastly, registration will benefit the entire movement to end the proliferation of nuclear arms by showing just how many people across the country care about this issue.

Soon, Peace Action will send out to our over 100,000 email lists to invite the public to attend events in the area and we are encouraging other organizations to send to their lists. We are also collecting documents to help people organize their own events.   So please send your documents along to Dave Kunes –, who put the site together or 301.565.4050 x 316 | 951.217.7285 cell.

If you have any difficulties, please e-mail our great intern, Dave, at Peace Action & Peace Action Education Fund (formerly SANE/Freeze) | 1100 Wayne Ave., Suite 1020 | Silver Spring, MD 20910-5643.

Contact Paul Kawika Martin @                                                                                                     IM and Twitter:  paulkawika                                                                   http://www.Peace-Action.org                                                                         http://www.PeaceVoter.org                                   http://www.StudentPeaceAction.org                   http://peaceblog.wordpress.com

Please fund our important work and join 100,000 other members or sign up for our free action alert list (about one email a week) at http://www.Peace-Action.org.

Additional contact person |
Susan Gordon
| Alliance for Nuclear Accountability | 903 W Alameda Street, #505 Santa Fe, NM 87501 | 505-473-1670  | www.ananuclear.org


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