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Edwin Hampton | Legendary Band Director at St. Aug’s, dies at 81

“Ernest Withers taught me about the extraordinary high school bands in Memphis that led directly to Stax, Hi, and a bunch of other great music.
Well, New Orleans had its own schooling in this field. The great second lines, brass sections, and soloists didn’t just appear; they came up through a long rich tradition. One of the prime mentors in that tradition just died. Check the names of some of the folks who were taught by Edwin Hampton. Or maybe this one photograph says it all?” Daniel Wolff 
Legendary band director Edwin Hampton

Legendary band director Edwin Hampton

Legendary band director Edwin Hampton, “a beloved community pillar, mentor to thousands of musicians and founder of the iconic St. Augustine High School Marching 100, died Monday night at home in his sleep. He was 81.”

Edwin Hampton

Edwin Hampton

Mr. Hampton will forever be remembered for the look and sound of his Purple Knights, the purple-and-gold-clad band members who march each year in Carnival parades. But his contributions to his school and community extended far beyond parades and football halftime shows.”


St. Augustine Marching 100 at Rex 2007.

St. Augustine Marching 100 doing the OJays’ “The Backstabbers”

READ FULL STORY : http://www.nola.com/news/index.ssf/2009/07/edwin_hampton_band_director_at.html

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