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Dec 1 and 2 Afghanistan War Protests!

Protests on Dec 1st and 2nd, the day of and after the Obama announcement to escalate Afghanistan, are continuing to proliferate. 

See below for the protest near you.








http://demdan.org/actions/?id=3563 – White House, DC

http://ny4cg.org/actions/index.php?id=3568 – West Point, NY http://ny4cg.org/actions/?id=3590 – NYC

http://mapjen.org/actions/?id=3567 – Boston, MA
http://demdan.org/actions/?id=3570 – Baltimore, MD http://paactionnetwork.org/announcements/?id=708 – Philadelphia, PA
http://calaction.org/announcements/?id=704 – Berkeley, CA
http://calaction.org/announcements/?id=673 – San Francisco, CA
http://calaction.org/actions/?id=3575 – Los Angeles, CA http://icjpe.org/actions/index.php?id=3413 – Chicago, IL
http://wiscaction.org/actions/?id=3533 – Madison, WI http://wiscaction.org/announcements/?id=696 – Milwaukee, WI
http://michiganpeacenetwork.org/announcements/?id=701 – Detroit, MI                                                                                                                              http://michiganpeacenetwork.org/actions/?id=3443 – Saginaw, MI                                                                             

http://ncactionnet.org/actions/?id=3597 – Charlotte, NC
http://ncactionnet.org/actions/?id=3592 – Chapel Hill, NC
http://ncactionnet.org/announcements/?id=689 – Greensboro, NC

http://gpjn.org/actions/?id=3593 – Atlanta, GA
http://vpan.org/announcements/?id=703 – Richmond, VA
http://ohiopeacenetwork.org/actions/?id=3600 – Cleveland, OH
http://cnpjs.org/announcements/?id=710 – Denver, CO http://mpjen.org/actions/?id=3481 – Maine (Bangor & Portland)
http://cripjen.org/announcements/?id=692 – RI & CT (Hartford, New Haven, Prov)

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