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James Cone | Liberation Theology

James Hal Cone

James Hal Cone

James Hal Cone – Father of Black Liberation Theology in the U.S.

“Black churches are very powerful forces in the African American community and always have been. Because religion has been that one place where you have an imagination that no one can control. And so, as long as you know that you are a human being and nobody can take that away from you, then God is that reality in your life that enables you to know that.”

A Black Theolgy of LiberationCone is an advocate of (black) liberation theology grounded in the experience of African Americans. In 1969, his book Black Theology and Black Power provided a new way to articulate the distinctiveness of theology in the black church. 

He is currently the Charles Augustus Briggs Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology at  Union Theological Seminary in New York.

As part of his liberation theological analysis, Cone argues for God’s own identification with “blackness”: 

The black theologian must reject any conception of God which stifles black self-determination by picturing God as a God of all peoples. Either God is identified with the oppressed to the point that their experience becomes God’s experience, or God is a God of racism…. The blackness of God means that God has made the oppressed condition God’s own condition. This is the essence of the Biblical revelation. By electing Israelite slaves as the people of God and by becoming the Oppressed One in Jesus Christ, the human race is made to understand that God is known where human beings experience humiliation and suffering…Liberation is not an afterthought, but the very essence of divine activity. (A Black Theology of Liberation, pp. 63-64) 

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Church Sex Scandal: False Memories, False Justice | JoAnn Wypijewski

Paul Shanley

Paul Shanley

Paul Shanley, one of the scores of defrocked Catholic priests enveloped in the molestation panic that swept the church at the beginning of the decade, was sentenced to twelve to fifteen years in prison based largely on now discredited science of “repressed memory.”

JoAnn Wypijewski

JoAnn Wypijewski

JoAnn Wypijewski, who has followed the case since the initial indictment, talks about what has changed since Shanley was convicted and the media circus died down.

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