“SMELLS LIKE SULFUR HERE” | Edited & arranged by John Sinclair

In September 2006,

the President of Venezuela ,

Hugo Chavez,

addressed the United Nations

with a speech titled Rise Up Against the Empire:

“The hegemonic pretensions

of the American empire,” he said,

“are placing at risk

the very survival

of the human species. T he devil

is right at home. T he devil,

the devil himself,

is right in the house. And the devil

came here yesterday. Yesterday

the devil came here.

Right here. [crosses himself]

And it smells

of sulfur

still today. Yesterday,

ladies & gentlemen,

from this rostrum,

the president of the United States ,

the gentleman

to whom I refer

as the devil,

came here,

talking as if he owned the world.

Truly. As the owner

of the world. Full

of this imperial hypocrisy

from the need they have

to control everything.

What type of democracy

do you impose

with marines & bombs? T he imperialists

see extremists everywhere. It’s not

that we are extremists. It’s that the world

is waking up. It’s waking

up all over. And people

are standing up.

You can call us extremists,

but we are rising up

against the empire, against the model

of domination. T hey kidnapped me

& they were going to kill me,

but I think God reached down

& our people came out

into the streets

& the army was too,

& so I’m here today.

Over & above all of this,

I think there are reasons

to be optimistic, because

over & above the wars

& the bombs

& the aggression

& the “preventive war”

& the destruction

of entire peoples, one can see

that a new era

is dawning.

As Silvio Rodriguez says,

the era

is giving birth

to a heart.

There are alternative ways of thinking.

There are young people

who think differently. It was shown

that the end of history

was a totally false assumption.

What we now have to do

is define the future

of the world. Dawn

is breaking out all over. You can see it

in Africa

& Europe

& Latin America

& Oceana. I want

to emphasize

that optimistic vision.

We have to strengthen ourselves,

our will

to do battle,

our awareness. We have to build

a new & better world.

We want ideas

to save our planet,

to save the planet

from the imperialist threat. And hopefully

in this very century,

in not too long a time,

we will see this,

we will see this new era,

& for our children

& our grandchildren

a world of peace. It smells

of sulfur here,

but God is with us

& I embrace you all. May God

bless us all. Good day to you.”


Edited & arranged by John Sinclair

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