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dead prez

dead prez

On June 23, Dead Prez [Stic-Man & M-1] will release Pulse of the People; a new mixtape produced by DJ Green Lantern, followed by their third proper album, Information Age, this fall. and M-1 and M-1


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2 responses to “Dead Prez | Politrikkks

  1. Agustin Magallon

    Its Good to know not all people are Influenced by Mainstream media.We still are held captive as a people in our lives in this country United Slaves of America by the lies set forth by the mainstream media all awhile the very wealthy sit & profit off the people with less & LOL because they know that what ever you call this current government it still works on the behalf of the handful of the very wealthy and stills leaves the multitudes of the poor powerless…

  2. Runako-Gamba

    Afrikan Power Brother’s. Good to see the two of you again. I’ll be looking forward to the new release.

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