Rally called by SC Organizing for America, March 24, has been cancelled.

From the Columbia Progressive Network

The rally called by Organizing for America, March 24, has been cancelled.

The organizers, whose work is an extension of the Obama campaign,
felt that the anti-Sanford sentiment in SC was too negative for their
national program to support Obama's stimulus program.

While the SC Progressive Network appreciates their concern, we feel
that there is a need for South Carolinians to express their
displeasure with Sanford's notion that social welfare is not a
government concern.

We are also concerned that the loudest voices the president is
hearing regarding the stimulus plans are from the financial industry.

Accordingly, we are considering organizing a protest that would
address both Sanford's and the Obama Administration's approach to
addressing peoples needs in these difficult economic times. We believe
that the president's ability to speak up for working people is
predicated on our willingness to speak out.

We need to hear from you if you are on board for a rally at the state
house that would address working people's needs in the federal
stimulus program.

An example of our concerns is exemplified in the recent three day
mortgage counseling event in Columbia, hosted by a nonprofit
organization. They saw 20,000 people, and left thousands standing
outside. This counseling was able to reduce some peoples mortgage
payments 50% and reduce interest payments. Why can't the stimulus
money be used to provide this service to everyone?

Reply to this email if you are willing to participate and promote a
rally for some of the trillions of dollars in stimulus money going to
help working people.
South Carolina Progressive Network
POB 8325 Columbia SC 29202
803-808-3384 * fax: 803-808-3781

E-mail: network@scpronet.com
Web: <http://www.scpronet.com> www.scpronet.com
Blog: <http://www.scpronet.com/wordpress/> www.scpronet.com/wordpress
YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/scpronet

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