Is there a national campaign to change NRC’s labeling of DU as “low” level waste?

From Gulf War Veterans and Depleted Uranium,  prepared for the Hague Peace Conference, May 1999 By Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., G.N.S.H., which is posted on the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility’s website:

Excerpt: Uranium 238 has a half life of 4.51 E+9 (or 4.51 times 10 to the 9thpower, equivalent to 4,510,000,000 years).  Each atomic transformation produces another radioactive chemical: first, uranium 238 produces thorium 234, (which has a half life of 24.1 days), then the thorium 234 decays to protactinium 234 (which has a half life of 6.75 hours), and then protactinium decays to uranium 234 (which has a half life of 2.47E+5 or 247,000 years). The first two decay radioisotopes together with the U 238 count for almost all of the radioactivity in the depleted uranium. Even after an industrial process which separates out the uranium 238 has taken place, it will continue to produce these other radionuclides. Within 3 to 6 months they will all be present in equilibrium balance. Therefore one must consider the array of radionuclides, not just uranium 238, when trying to understand what happened when veterans inhaled depleted uranium in the Gulf War.

Kay Cumbow

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One response to “Is there a national campaign to change NRC’s labeling of DU as “low” level waste?

  1. Sgt m

    U238 is killing me slowwly and it hurts so much I scream but no one hears me. I cry when I see young women and their babies because I will never have that blessing.. I lock my 26 yr old self at home alone for fear of my “triggers” sneaking up on me causing me extreme pain and weakness at the same time. Each gulp of air feels like millions of tiny particles cutting me each breath- the pain it feels like metal moving inside my body- oh God help me! Death taunts me as my only release from this agony..,

    Poisoned thanks Sam destroyer aka PTSD

    How is this legal? How can they abandon their own troops? The children of the nation are being poisoned and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING TO HELP US! Not even my own mother!

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