National March on Wall Street

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April 3 & 4:  National March on Wall Street

On the Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Martyrdom

Let us Unite and Remind the world of the 2 powerful messages of his final year:

  • Rise up against wars of colonial conquest
  • Fight for the right of all to a job or an income

More than 50 Organizing Centers!

Momentum is growing for the April 3 & 4 National March on Wall Street.  There are now more than 50 organizing centers nationally, including Charlotte, North Carolina; Detroit, Michigan; Celevelend, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Boston, Massachusetts; Baltimore, Maryland; and dozens more, including 25 organizing centers in the New York/New Jersey region.  (for an updated list of organizing centers, see

It is becoming clear that the stimulus packages and bail out proposals coming from Wall Street and Washington won’t even make a dent in the growing number of layoffs and foreclosures.  Working people must organize independently to demand a bail out for the people, not the banks.  It’s time to march on Wall Street!

The stock markets are crashing, the world economy is headed into a depression, and the U.S. government and its top bankers are giving trillions of dollars to bailout the richest 1 percent of the people while doing nothing to rescue ordinary working and poor people.

Bail Out People Not Banks; End war and Occupation from Afghanistan to Iraq and Palestine!

We must stand up and say no to this injustice! Now is the time to act.

Organizers across the country have endorsed the call and are mobilizing in their communities to build the March on Wall Street, distributing leaflets and posters, having local organizing meetings, and planning transportation to New York for April 3 & 4.  If you haven’t yet gotten involved with building this important event, here’s how you can help:

1)  Become a local organizer – join the growing list of 50+ organizing centers across the country.   Local organizing centers are helping to distribute leaflets, posters and stickers, getting the word out to their local networks, and organizing buses, vans, or cars to NYC for the March on Wall Street.  Go to to volunteer or to get more information.

2)  Endorse – and help gather endorsements.  If you haven’t endorsed yet, go to;  then, talk to your union, student organization, community group, etc. and ask them to endorse.

3)  Donate to help with organizing expenses.  Please consider making a donation to help with printing outreach materials, preparing banners and placards, sound equipment for the March and Rally, and with organizing transportation.  You can donate online at

4)  Help get the word out online – look for Bail Out the People Movement on Facebook ( and Myspace (   Join our growing network of online friends, and invite your contacts to join as well.

Bail Out the People Movement
Solidarity Center
55 W. 17th St. #5C
New York, NY 10011

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