Mississippi Injustice ~ Double Life for Two Sisters

Jamie and Gladys Scott

Jamie and Gladys Scott

In case you missed last night’s Black Talk Radio broadcast, fortunately it is available on podcast. Nancy Lockhart a tireless advocate told the story of the Scott sisters for Jamie and Gladys Scott who learned about the case when a letter was delivered to the congressional office of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. This fateful event led her to research the case and was later assisted by several law professors whom agreed that this was a clear-cut case of Mississippi injustice.This is a story of a corrupt sheriff who used coercion, threats, and harassment on suspects, one of which was a 14 yr old minor, to get them to sign statements implicating the Scott sisters in an armed robbery which involved less than $14 and in which no one was physically harmed. The Scott sisters just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when their car broke down and hitched a ride from the wrong people. Despite signing false statements under duress, the suspects/witnesses for the State all testified that the Scott sisters were not involved in the alleged armed robbery.

Despite there being no physical evidence whatsoever being presented by the Scott county DA and witness testimony under oath that they were not involved, a southern jury unjustly convicted the two African American sisters. Despite being gainfully employed with no prior criminal record, the presiding judge sentenced both the sisters to double life in a Mississippi prison. They have served 14 years separated from their children and family for a Mississippi injustice.

Petition to free the Scott sisters Jamie and Gladys. Click Here

Podcast of the 2-2-2009 Nancy Lockhart Interview.

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  1. Nancy Lockhart

    Thank you for the exposure Mr. Gray!

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