Palestine land map 1947 – 2000


Palestine land map 1947 – 2000
There’s the territory, then there’s the map.

Note particularly 1967 – 2000 this map is almost 10 years out of date.

Since the last map update, the 20 ft wall and illegal settlements have been built. There is no freedom of movement for Palestinians to travel from one partitioned area to all other areas of their territory. Since the building of the wall, many more families have been divided, thier lands inaccessible to farm, all goods and services controlled by Israel. Essentially Palestine is now a series of walled prisons.


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2 responses to “Palestine land map 1947 – 2000

  1. Came to your site after Googling for a Palestinian loss map. Then saw you were a fan of Curtis Mayfield. Took me back to my youth.
    Those times were magic.

  2. Thanks — I should add this map to the overview of the geography of Israel/Palestine and the conflict that I’ve posted on my own blog:

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